Friday, May 24, 2013

Life so far.. Finally after one year... IM back!

First of all, i was like "OMG!?" "Dafuq?" It's a year and sumting since i last blogged~ My Oh My.... Soooooooooooo many things happened. I fall in love, get rejected, fall in love again (I think i did)with two diffrent girl then cool down, my weight rise 14kg since last time (do the math =.="), 3 semester of real test have passed (crushed it~), miss eva left, come back with her boyfriend~, volleyball, badminton, outing, and my relationship (social) becomes much better... I love hanging out with new friends :D Well that's about it.. i think And oh yeah, i became JPP and worst of all i became the secretary (DAFUQ??!) ahahhah well, shit happens! and that's just life. LoL Well, i guess i enjoy my life atm.. I x wish for anything to change ( I mean, I dare not change it :'( sob sob sob) If changing means i'll lost what i have now and everything becomes akward.. i wont change. It's sufficient for me :) i mean "NOW" Let's see.. what else.. oh yeah, I become accustomed befriending G3 n G1~ & Me undi PKR pilihan raya 13 (yeah, im old.. so wat?)but ...... shhhhh (we're being watched, like hell we r ) :p I become a Taylor Swift fan.. I mean, its not like I x like Taylor before.. I do like her song.. but since past four months, her songs really becomes a part of my daily routine. I listen to her's everyday (at kuliah, while gaming, while manga-ing, n even now as i blogg) There's something about Taylor Swift that i can relate to.. Maybe it reminds me of "her" :$ (background music #Animal by Neon trees' nanannananananana~here we go again..) Oh yeah, that aside, we won! WAJA won the sports 3 years in a row :D and Im glad we did because i was elected to be the leader. But it's thanks to everyone's effort that we won. :) Im just an extra. Well, next year i will be running 4 x100m. I promise> :) (finger crossed) N the most important thing is that I actually studied?? woaahhh.. All thanks to my rumate whoms revelation shocked my very core. If i wana get 3.75 above.. I must get constant 3.8 from this sem onwards and i was like "Challenge accepted!" Well, I guess that's all for now :D Sayonara bye bye ~ Till next time folks~ I labiu~~~~:P wakakakkaka